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Implement Full Potential of Your Business

Time to integrate comprehensive IT infrastructure in your organization? We offer the most natural and dynamic solutions for SMB available for your networking system, expansive or little. From e-Commerce tools to security, backup and Storage Area Networks SAN we offer comprehensive collaboration suites that can be customized and highly scalable with bespoke interface that is user friendly and can be modified as per your requirements. Our exceptionally talented Support team is accessible all day and all night to work in coordination with your IT staff, at your premises outside of conventional business hours, or instead of one altogether. We are furnished with the framework to supervise your system completely with constant updates, convey extensive statistics, and offer you dedicated attention of the eminent Support group.

Example Host Configuration

When we inquired enterprises of small and medium size regarding their needs, they usually concentrate on the performance and Uptime. Our solutions with high availability is adapted to offer consistent resistance to internal failure, and are intended to furnish need of high performance with automatic failover. The basic infrastructure offered include:

  • Redundant Load Balancer — Traffic distribution
  • Redundant CISCO Firewalls — act as First Line of Defense
  • Redundant CISCO Switches — Private Network with high performance
  • Highly available and managed Database — Backend with automatic Failure
  • SAN backing Web Servers — Serving of Web Content


  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Highly redundant network with premium Tier-1
  • Record Response Time
  • Sonar Monitoring available around the clock
  • E-Commerce and Billing Tools
  • Presence at multiple geographical location

Highly Available Business Sever

Our amendable High Performance business servers naturally address Failover by means of full redundancy all through a server that is scalable bunching to augment Uptime of your business.

A complete set of e-commerce solutions

An amazing exhibit of robust capabilities — including numerous gateways for payment, support for gift certificate and coupons, stock control, full-customization, multilingual and multi currency support (and some more) — will be readily available.

Access to our content distribution network (CDN)

Our CDN (Content Delivery Network) is interestingly situated to convey content to your business’ clients speedier than your opponents. The CDN has numerous deliberately set areas for caching around the world, incorporating more than 140,000 servers in Asia, North America and Europe.

Ceaseless Backup and Recovery

Guarantee that you will never lose vital information again by looking over our sealed shut reinforcement choices. Select from Guardian Continuous Backup that is fully managed and Recovery arrangements, Bare Metal Backups and Solid State Storage innovation. Considering these choices pair with independent, Data Centers situated in Disaster Neutral Areas (offering Geographic Redundancy), you will perceive how we have earned a respectable position among our clients for offering unrivaled genuine feelings of serenity for our clients.

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

We integrate a completely versatile and fault resistant cluster for central storage to your servers by means of efficient Gigabit Ethernet connecting for data exchange and storage that will enhance the execution of the host server. Digits Global has devised one of the most innovative and advance solution in terms of technical capabilities which is available publicly to ensure reliability of their critical data.

Partner with a Leader

Since 2015, Digits Global has been a leader in managed hosting. Team of over 400 thrives on creating interesting solutions to help clients reach their business goals.