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Digits Hosting refunds for prepaid services for full month only accordance with terms of services. For example, if you have subscribed to services for 6 months and in the first month you have sent us notice for cancellation ,you will be paid back for full five months after deductions of necessary operating cost, taxes, bank fees for refunds or any other costs (for example third party payment gateway).

Please note that our money back guaranty is only for shared hosting packages, VPS, and dedicated servers do not fall under refund policy. Domain registration fees and SSL fees are neither refundable nor transferable. Any disputed amount in invoices will be settled in the case of refunds requests. If the charges are not disputed within 60 days of the invoice would be conclusively deemed accurate. Customer authorized digits hosting to charge his/her credit card for billing cycle( recurring payments monthly/yearly)please note that setup fees and domain registration fees ($14) will not be refunded.

For managed e-commerce solutions packages, SEO, (search engine optimization) SMM, (social media marketing) subscription is neither refundable, nor transferable. E-commerce solution package can be refunded only if the subscriber has paid for complete one year and he is not satisfied from our services (which is very rare), or he want to shut down his business. Customer will be paid back only 75% of his total amount paid, after deducting domain, hosting, taxes, and setup fees. The refunded amount will be paid him back to the same source where it had come from. If customer violate any of our terms of services, and his account/subscription has been suspended, he does not have right to claim refunds.

Customer cannot claim for refunds if, his account setup, website setup, SSL setup, was delayed due to his identity proof, extended validation or failure content data was not provided on time. Please note that all refunds will be provided within three months of refund claim approval but this is not always the case. The period of three months has been set for safety and necessary documentation and payment refunds procedures. Any software, services, products that are or will be offered on our website will be subject to the refund policies of the relevant third parties.

Limitations and responsibilities: Digits hosting is not responsible for any refunds if, any user is failed to protect his account or payment information, Any User failed to perform his obligation in normal business manners, any payment was made to any of our partner/staff member, employee/contractor/reseller/retailer/affiliates.