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     Improved security by Digits Hosting experts

Secure Server is a unique Digits Hosting service available for both  Linux and Windows Operating System. You can also avail many additional services(mostly free) to enable you to customize your existing system along with installation of cPanel. As soon as your order is processed your server is ready to operate and locked for security.


  • Complete email protection with Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus
  • Secure access with the help of FTP, RDP and SSH
  • Service Hardening with cPanel, HTTPS, PHP
  • Prevention and Detection with Brute Force
  • Availability of Nessus for vulnerability scannig


The basic safety measures are installed on your server to strengthening higher security. we have a secure server solution to meet your needs. Secure Server is enabled by default on all servers, and our advanced solutions of Server Secure Plus takes the security of your server to the next level by adding daily scans CXS and many servers protection initiatives that control access to tight levels.


  • Daily CXS Scan
  • Monthly Nessus Vulnerability Scans
  • Web Server & PHP Hardening
  • Secure Temporary Directories
  • Enhanced Website Log Retention
  • SSH / cPanel / FTP Hardening


  • Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Protection
  • Firewall Protection
  • Server Hardening
  • HTTP Intrusion Protection
  • Disable Root FTP Access
  • Daily Security Audits

Windows Servers

All Windows Servers are integrated with “Server Secure” by default along with all the necessary functions to keep your Windows server running at peak performance 24/7/365.

Anti-virus protection

ESET File Security [optional + $ 10 / month] scans all files that are launched, opened or modified and disinfects or deletes all infected files. Furthermore, suspicious files and content are quarantined before undergoing further analysis. Additional license fees may apply.


DoS-Evasive, Digits Hosting custom script stops Denial of Service (DoS) attacks tracking all incoming connections. It block temporarily IP-addresses those attack any of the features of your  systems, allowing legitimate traffic to pass.

BFD (Brute Force Detection)

Customized Digits Hosting Brute Force Detection (BFD) monitors system logs for any failed login attempts and temporarily blocking IP-addresses in repeated attempts. Services,include monitoring the connection to the remote desktop, Microsoft FTP, MSSQL and NTLM connection.


RDP over SSL helps improve security by preventing “Man In The Middle” (MITM RDP) attacks, data interception between the server and the client. This service gives the customer the opportunity to check the authenticity of the server, which increases the security of your terminal services and increases the power of your work SSL

Hardening (TCP)          

Protection against SYN attacks monitors incoming traffic and changes the TCP / IP stack automatically if SYN attack continues. This reduces the response time limit to connect your system in the attack, in order to reduce the effect of the attack,it returns the TCP / IP stack  to a normal life after the attack subsidies.

Update for Windows

Latest updates for Windows will automatically be installed and configured as needed, so you can always be sure that your server is up to date and secure.

Monthly Nessus vulnerability scanning

Monthly Nessus vulnerability scanning [optional, additional costs] proactively detects and solves problems and possible compromises to your server at regular vulnerability scans looking for sensitive data, check ins, and prevent malware attacks.