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Eliminate Spam with the Help of Intelligent Email Filtering

Digits Hosting MailSecure is an progressive spam firewall designed to filter and block unwanted e-mail messages and protect your inbox against viruses, malware and other phishing attempts. This service is installed and configured with the help of our highly qualified technical team, and with the support of our famous industry, 24/7/365 support. MailSecure intelligent filtering includes upgrade protection against maintaining the old, new and emerging threats, and mitigate the advanced techniques used to undermine the firewalls.

Your email is an important gateway to sensitive data and it deserves sophisticated security measures which is ensured with Digits Hosting MailSecure. Make sure your mailbox is protected by the most innovative, potent and complete solution available.


  • Advance protection against Malware and Virus
  • Intelligent filtering for Spam
  • Virus definitions that are proactively maintained
  • Support for WebMail and other Mail Clients

Updated Protection on continuous basis

Putting your trust in lower quality or outdated solutions can have disastrous consequences. MailSecure supports the latest date and advanced protection filtering solutions to handle more advanced spammers.

Scanning Technology based on 3 Layers

Secure Mail runs all incoming e-mail and files through a 3-tier powerful virus detection technology architecture.

Secure sever by tagging threats before they occur

Threats to the system arise in form of a variety of formats. MailSecure constantly updates and checks to find and mark any suspicious emails before they reach your mailbox.