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Digits hosting’s Linux Mail Hosting Service

With our dedicated and secured Linux Email Hosting solutions we facilitate our customers with various resources such as synchronization for email client, webmail access, vigorous backup solutions and assistance for migration purpose. Along with this we have integrated our mail hosting solutions for Linux with our committed 24/7/365 Support, that make sure that your important business communication is secure and always available for you.


  • Managed Postfix, Exim and qMail
  • SquirrelMail, Horde or RoundCube
  • Available on Storm and Dedicated both

Personalize Calendar

With our built-in tools like Horde Groupware you can organize your schedule conveniently. Our browser-based tools are free and enterprise ready provided by third party alliance.

Email Client Synchronization

Supports POP3 and IMAP clients, our Linux Mail Hosting enable you to sign messages (S / MIME and PGP), encrypt messages and subscribe them to IMAP folders These IMAP folders are accessible as they are being shared.

Migration for Email

With our devoted team Support we will help you migrate your existing email to our server of Digits Hosting while you continue working on cPanel / WHM or Plesk.

Resilient Solutions along with Data Backup

Our wide range of solutions for backup server resilient and ensure reliability and security for the email of your company. For this purpose all is included from bare metal, off-site with constant backups as per built in option of server redundancy. With our firewall solutions We ensure further safety of your important data.

Facilities like Tasks, IMAP Folders, Calendars and Address Book

With our exclusive services for enterprises you can keep your resources informed and connected all the time. For this purpose we offer services like scheduling with calendars, address books and help you sharing your folders of mail through our webmail services incorporated with our mail servers. However, you may need to use additional plugins from third party if using webmail clients like SquirrelMail or Round Cube for deploying these functionalities.

Distribution lists Created & Managed

With distribution lists you can keep all members of your organization along with subscription facility to as many lists as required.

Access to Webmail

Accessibility to all your email, inbox, tasks, calendar or address book from anywhere you need to without any restriction of geographical location.