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The operations that are sensitive and goal oriented, require  integration of redundant infrastructure with Servers that are classified for enterprises. For delivery of maximum performance it is important to integrate high performance hardware that will also ensure the reliability of the application, enhanced speed and redundant power supplied(hot plug & non hot plug) will help avoid downtime in case of power failure. Along with this you can also achieve out of bandwidth management with the help of IPMI, that enables you to access your hardware directly.

High Performance Hardware

A significant and critical variable of an Enterprise Class Server is the nature and quality of the equipment present inside. we likewise offer an extensive variety of options for flash storage. From Fusion IO and single SSD to substantial RAID exhibits, we have the diversified hardware choices and rapid RAID cards that enable you to bolster your capacity.


  • Power supplies in reserve
  • Hardware optimized for high performance
  • IPMI for out of band management
  • Power / B multiple units with UPS

Redundant Power Options

Dual power supply

Double power supplies ensure improved redundancy and enhanced dependability by guaranteeing your server will dependably remain online. In case of one power supply fizzling, at least one autonomous power supplies can control your whole framework all alone, ensuring your continuation of basic operations without any interruption.

A / B Power

Reliability of server can be further upgraded by connecting every power supply to distinguished circuit breakers. This redundant safety can run much further with individual UPS units, or battery reinforcement units, consigned to every power supply. This design is alluded to as 1+1 or 2N redundancy. It ensures hardware durability in the long term and twofold the safety from both a failure of power supply and failure of UPS.

Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)

Enterprise clients can get accessibility to their server remotely with the help of IPMI as it  enable you to have full control of your server, even in case where the primary networking hardware is unusable. IPMI also empowers alternatives, for example, power on, remote reboot, server shutdown, sensor monitoring for hardware, remote input with the help of mouse or keyboard, video yield to a remote terminal, local media drives accessibility, installation of operating system, and BIOS settings accessibility. The IPMI remote server administration is better than Virtual Network Computing (VNC) and additionally Secure Shell (SSH) in light of the fact that it works without programming being introduced on the remote framework and it gives premium control over your hardware.

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