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Your Business Critical Operations Protected by Us

The Server configured for high performance can shield your business from data loss, unexpected crash of the server and long duration of downtime. They offer noteworthy adaptability, security, performance for clients with increased hosting needs along with great accessibility or for clients who are experiencing huge spikes in traffic movement on their sites. Our specialists have deliberately designed various configurations with full access through adaptable server clusters to improvise failover in case of errors or increased traffic. Learn the force of an environment with enhanced performance and on-demand adaptability, unwavering quality, unmatched accessibility, reliability and security for your data the way you have never seen before.

Wide Range of Configurations for Server

Conceivable server setups can incorporate various servers that are accommodated by load balancers that are redundant, all secured by repetitive firewalls. This setting is powerful in keeping any pass in administration for those applications that cannot tolerate any downtime. Likewise, MySQL Cluster with high availability can cater all database administrations for solutions that are data intensive from a managed private switch. With the assistance of our setups of performance optimized servers, the conceivable outcomes are huge.


  • Clustered File Systems
  • Application Hosting offers resilience
  • Redundant Networking Devices
  • Managed Databases with High Availability
  • Dedicated Load Balancers

Partner with a Leader

Since 2015, Digits Global has been a leader in managed hosting. Team of over 400 thrives on creating interesting solutions to help our clients reach their business goals.