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Recovery options for disaster

While continually attempting to create and refine our High Performance Options aiming to battle innovative threats evolving with time to your vital data, we have understood the esteem in going past is offering the future in a prevention for disaster, along with secure and durable infrastructure for date recovery. While Digits Global emphasizes on High Availability has gone far toward guaranteeing our clients’ significant serenity’ against the IT frightful stories of downtime and loss of information as the after effect of physical episodes like that of accidents and natural disaster has highlighted the significance of Geographic Redundancy in the market of web hosting. Geographic Redundancy is defined as the replication of your whole data in two topographically isolate sites, permitting that — in case of failure— your applications can operate on another site if one site is not operating.


  • Data centers are wholly owned
  • Geographic redundancy
  • Redundant networks and power
  • Highly available setups
  • Hosting of data at locations that are disaster neutrals
  • Round the clock availability of experienced techs
  • Various plans for backup

Safeguard Your Investment

Our reputation for offering the most respected and secure recovery solutions has led us to welcome the hosting needs of many clients who have lost customers, business, income and trust following lost data and prolonged downtime in the event of disaster experienced with previous hosting companies. With three wholly owned data centers in separate physical locations, all in disaster neutral areas of the US, we offer a significant advantage to those who choose to host with us. In addition to our regional advantages, we also have a number of customizable and fully manageable plans designed to help you backup your important data and arrange your servers in the manner that best suits the type of security your business needs.

Partner with a Leader

Since 2015, Digits Global has been a leader in managed hosting. Team of over 400 thrives on creating interesting solutions to help clients reach their business goals.