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Fully Managed Traditional Dedicated Servers

Engineered for peace of mind with Cloud Flare CDN,
built-in backups, enhanced security, and DDoS Attack Protection.

Integrated with Cloud Flare

At Digits Hosting we offer explicit solution with fully managed conventional dedicated server integrated with our unique and reliable support. Our experts offer web dedicated server solution for all operating systems including Windows and Linux. We ensure stability and optimal performance of servers with the help of continuous preemptive Monitoring along with Server Secure Hardening.  You can avail services of dual processor and single processor dedicated servers as per your requirements.

You can also make choice between core managed dedicated servers, fully managed dedicated server plans and self-managed plans along with our quality support that ensure true value of your investment.


  •       ServerSecure providing Server Hardening
  •       Guarantee for 100% Network Uptime
  •       24×7 availability of support
  •       Primary Drives of SSD RAID1
  •       Monitoring available round the clock

We are Announcing Perfect Package for you Digits Hosting Providing you with a hesitate free web hosting service we take words look the believable.

211 GB SSD

  • Intel Core i5-760
  • Core - 4 (2.80 GHz each)
  • CPU - 1
  • RAM - 7.8 GB
  • Space - 211 GB SSD
$189.00 /m Order Now

452 GB SSD

  • Intel Dual Xeon E5-2620 v3
  • Core - 12 (2.60GHz each)
  • CPUs - 1
  • RAM - 31.3 GB
  • Space - 452 GB SSD
$658.50 /m Order Now

917 GB SSD

  • Intel Dual Xeon E5-2620 v3
  • Core - 12 (2.60GHz each)
  • CPUs - 2
  • RAM - 31.3 GB
  • Space - 917 GB SSD
$853.50 /m Order Now

Features Integrated with Traditional Dedicated Server Solution

Our Hosting Essentials Devised to Ensure Complete User Satisfaction

Cloud Flare CDN

With our exceptional traditional dedicated server you will also get complete control of Cloud Flare CDN which is one of the most known CDNs worldwide. The best part is there is no extra cost you need to pay and you will not only get better speed for your website but you can also enjoy enhanced security. Let us set up your Cloud Flare for you and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the performance.

Built-in Backups

All our dedicated traditional servers are incorporated with local backup service. However, if you seek for additional safety with extra layer for backup purpose you can also include our backup system of Guardian which offers point-in-time snapshots, replication and synchronization.

Improved Security

No one can deny the significance of security and this is because of which we have embraced Server SecureTM and included it with service of traditional Dedicated Server. Because of this enhanced security measures your server will remain protected with the help of extensive suite of registered security enhancements that ensure blocking of unauthorized access and safety of your data.

DDoS Attack Protection

We offer free basic protection against DDoS attacks that are of small volume along with solution of traditional dedicated server. The best part is that it is always ready to go and remain available. Full protection and secure mitigation is available increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Dedicated Servers that are Fully Managed

At Digits Hosting we have dedicated team of technical experts that helps you to manage your web server along with associated hardware and provide complete assistance for third party software. Our dedicated server that are fully managed are included with top level control Panels like Plesk or cPanel.

Managed Core

If you are seeking management but without any need of control panel then yes, we have perfect solution for your need. We can help you manage infrastructure of your servers including LAMP Stack Core elements and related hardware.

Self-Managed Dedicated Servers

For all our expert users who are equipped with all technical knowledge and looking for bespoke solution for their enterprise we offer self-managed dedicated servers. In this we can assist you in managing your infrastructure and hardware and you can self-manage your server.