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Centralized Storage for your Datasan

The technical experts of Digits Hosting offers fully managed Storage Area Network (SAN) storage pool which is a highly Scalable and fault resistant storage solution for your imperative data. SAN connects to servers directly using Gigabit Ethernet which is low in latency (10 GB is available) and extremely fast connection. This enable customers to transfer their data either in parallel or sequentially, without affecting the host server performance. We offer several enterprise class disk arrays that are redundant along with option for replication of managed files for maximum protection of the vital data.

Enterprise Class Hardware forms Basic Foundation

The digits Hosting SAN solutions are based on Dell EqualLogic hardware which offers business class foundation along with premium network of Digits Hosting ensuring best performance from your deployed storage infrastructure.

 SAN Solutions of Digits Hosting is best for

  • Media Libraries
  • File Servers that is used frequently
  • Databases
  • Email Servers
  • Backup Archives
  • Any Data that is important.


With Multi Path I/O your system offers better performance and more resistance to failure as it incorporates multiple physical paths between massage storage device and your server.


  • Multiple server access shared storage
  • Dual redundant power and connectivity
  • Scalable without service interruption
  • A unit adjacent to 768 TB

Partner with a Leader

Since 2015, Digits Hosting has been a leader in managed hosting. Team of over 400 thrives on creating interesting solutions to help clients reach their business goals.