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Improve Efficiency by Distribution of Traffic Between Servers

With Load Balancer that is either fully managed dedicated or shared, the business site will be able to accommodate high volume traffic either because of any popular media events or through viral campaigns and social networking trends. With the help of load balancer your website will efficiently distribute traffic to multiple servers, and is a prerequisite for reliable and fault resistance infrastructure.

The two shared and dedicated load balancers are completely managed with the help of expert network support technician. From design to implementation, management, monitoring, load balancers help the site to exhibit best performance.

Better Load Balancing for Better Scalability

Load balancing can be used as simplest method or failover method to determine scalability of a a website or web application. When customers visit your site, at first either they will get in contact with a dedicated or shared load balancer. After analyzing the best route possible with the help of deployed traffic optimizing algorithm, it will direct the consumer to the suitable web server. With the growth of the traffic on Web application, new web servers can be added quickly and easily web server pool.


  • Advanced traffic Script
  • Configurable full redundancy
  • Network engineers fully managed
  • High Performance SSL offloading

Asses by Comparison

Shared Load Balancer that are fully Managed

 Price that is affordable for you, Performance that is required by you

Easy to implement shared Load Balancer that are fully managed offers a cost effective solution for creating high performance websites and that are easily scalable. For sites that develop beyond a single web server, load balancer that is fully managed is perfect solution. Shared load balancers are very adaptable, reliable fully redundant with automatic failover for the Web application.

Dedicated Load Balancers that are Fully Managed

Empowerment of your enterprise with committed resource by Digit Hosting

Goal oriented businesses can greatly benefited from the implementation of powerful dedicated load balancers that are fully managed. A load balancing which is dedicated not only provides all the benefits of shared load balancer but it also has advanced options for traffic scripting, high performance SSL, a complete API,  and provides a full set resources committed to its true infrastructure at any time. Grow and scale the way you want, with high performance ensured without any fear of latency or bottlenecks with dedicated equipment.

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