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 Two Worlds Blended together for optimal results

With the arrival of eminent dedicated servers in the industry, there were clients of Digits Hosting who learnt the exceptional power of dedicated servers that are fully managed and were physical incorporated with applications that are developed recently based on Cloud Server. The blend of two improved durability with a versatility and offer control over cloud server with pay-as-you-go option, all integrated into one data center that entirely belongs to Digits Hosting which has enabled us to evolve the future of hosting in form of Hybrid Hosting.

From that point forward, the extensive number of our customers has found out how the hybrid hosting can benefit their businesses to greater extent. Our dedicated services clients who require safety of their sensitive data and also have to bear traffic spikes occasionally on their sites, or have an additional requirement for fly development, have found that this integration cater all their needs in the best possible way. This creative approach, empower customers to enter market of Cloud Hosting in the most secure way.


  • Customizable network infrastructure with advance options
  • Dedicated servers with flexible hosting
  • Highly available database integration
  • Dedicated and fully managed load balancers
  • Storage networks with direct access


Since then, many have discovered the vast advantages of Hybrid Hosting. Dedicated customers with sensitive data that also experience occasional spikes in traffic on their sites, or possesses the need to develop on the fly, have found that this combination delivers all of the features they were looking for (and more!) while providing a secure and creative approach to enter the cloud hosting market.


Hybrid Hosting Applications

Dedicated server integration with dedicated server instances, empower you to customize your experience of hosting by altering attributes  like data storage devices, specifications of server, dedicated load balancers and managed firewalls in a way that is one of a kind in an environment of hybrid hosting. With the assistance of Managed services of engineering clients have enjoyed extraordinary value deals, for example, Microsoft SQL which is managed along with clustering infrastructure dedicated in nature  and highly available maintaining a strategic distance from a shared platform and utilizing the Cloud Server Infrastructure can result in a wide range of benefits especially in terms of saving money and web application expansion.

Experience the Power of Hybrid Hosting Today

This is time to experience the infrastructure with  high performance solutions, security, and scalability with that Hybrid Hosting from Digits Hosting brough to you, and you will rapidly observe why such a variety of contemporary organizations are enrolling this novel facilitating environment. Setting up solutions of Hybrid Hosting with us is simple and convenient whether you are setting up infrastructure from scratch or you are already availing hosting services with Digits Hosting.. We would love to alter your Hybrid Hosting environment to the particular needs of your business!