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Fire Wall Protection

You are being protected from malicious Traffic

With our highly defined firewall options we empower our clients to protect themselves from malicious traffic. Our firewalls installed with the hardware act as a basic defense for safety of your server from ambiguous traffic of internet and ensure resiliency for your business. Hardware Firewalls of Digits Hosting integrate high degree of security in your system that ensure safety from external attacks. It is because they are embedded with their individual operating system and operate without any dependency on servers which they are meant to protect.

Peace of Mind Ensured

Firewall enable traffic processing before it is directed towards your server. This implies that all the threats will be identified and treated before they are diverted towards your server which ensure better performance by server without any interruption. With adaptive network safety solutions the server is secured automatically avoiding any intrusion from malware such as spyware, worms and Trojan Horses.


  • Port blocking, packet inspection and more
  • Your entire infrastructure protected with enhance security
  • Filtration of malicious traffic in real time
  • VPN enable encryption anywhere
  • Complete redundancy option integrated