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At Digits Hosting we offer object storage that is not only dedicated but also secure, highly available and durable and capable of catering all storage requirements irrespective of size. Our object storage solution eradicates need of additional server and provide direct access to clients through plain API call. The streamlined architecture of object storage offers cost effective solution to clients for their storage needs.


·     API’s that are compliant to Amazon S-3

·     3-Coopy Storage make them Highly Redundant

·     No Hidden Charges

·     Pricing Model based on simple Per-Gig pricing

Consistent Cloud Storage

When performance of your development project or website depends upon your data than it is crucial to scrutinize all storage options available for reliability purpose. The consistent 3-copy Cloud storage offered by Digits Hosting is not only redundant but also highly available for storage of your data. The infrastructure of our Cloud Storage ensure accessibility of your data whenever it is needed and wherever it is needed without any limitations of space. Along with this the industry leading support offered by our team is available round the clock throughout the year. The Heroic Promise SLA ensure 100% Network Uptime along with technical assistance at your expense whenever needed.

What is Per-Gig Pricing Storage

Per Gig-Storage Pricing implies that there is no hidden cost like request fees or bandwidth charges