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MySQL Deployments with High Availability, Improved Control and Superior Performance

Integration of conventional hosting environment of Digits Hosting with database of ScaleArc iDB has resulted in an innovative high-performance infrastructure. ScaleArc iDB act as the seven layer SQL engine and load balancer of MySQL, it removes many of the restrictions associated with the database scaling, by forming a layer of abstraction between MySQL database server and the application server which allows scaling horizontally without immediate use of re-coding d the application(s) or placement of a proxy server. Furthermore, ScaleArc IDB provides real-time recording and analyzing of every single request to reduce the time of troubleshooting from several hours to few minutes. ScaleArc iDB also allows transparent caching of SQL queries without requiring any changes to the application (s). By simplifying the deployment method and management of database environment, this tool allows for rapid application development, as well as efficient and convenient access to space for high availability


  • Dynamic Load Balancing with high availability
  • Quick scalability
  • Improved query performance
  • Automated sharing
  • Better analytics with real time Logging
  • Improved control along with security
  • “1-Click” caching transparent in nature

With ScaleArc Optimize your Database without any constraints and optimize it in real-time

ScaleArc iDB at Digits Hosting is available with dedicated and shared configuration that easy to customize as per needs of your project specifications such as utilization of the number of connections of the database, the database size and the amount of memory cache available at expense. First, ScaleArc IDB will ensure full transparency in all your queries in real-time to help diagnose and optimize your MySQL environment. Analysts will enable you to include transparent query caching that will result in enhanced performance. If your enterprise has more than one MySQL database, Digits Hosting’s ScaleArc uses an algorithm of “least response time” that enable balancing your load of database on two or more servers through connections in pool to automatically ensure the server with better performance and more speed is utilized better than the location with slow reaction. Furthermore, the request queue can be used to control the database load during the peak hours. This result in one of the most spontaneous and efficient load balancing solution for database based applications of present times.