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Database Solutions with Hadoop Management

With the unlimited array of resources by Digits Hosting enable you to create server farm or supercomputers for hosting of your data securely. For great efficiency many giants of computing are using software option of Apache Hadoop like IBM, Adobe, Facebook, Yahoo and eBay. The secret behind this super efficiency is use of principles of Cloud Computing by Hadoop which enable it to divide the task into parts spontaneously and reallocating it to a large group of resources that are provided by Digits Hosting to fulfill your tasks.Integrating Digits Hosting Server with Hadoop empower your company by providing a tool that is capable of handling the variables of data structure from various sources. There are number of our customers who have already integrated our large platform with Hadoop and tested the ability to syndicate, compare and find the correlation between large data sets which is currently suitable for era of rapidly expanding database. The experience that many companies are now finding it necessary running Hadoop with Digits Hosting Servers.

Offers Perfect Solution for…

  • Capability of running large clusters that can be of 100 Petabyets
  • For “Big data” analysis and collection purpose
  • Merging of databases of all sizes
  • Dynamic data processing
  • Offers Perfect Solution for…


  • Linear Scalability
  • Offers reliability
  • Processing of large datasets
  • Enhanced analytics
  • Enhanced user control