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Convenient Load Balancing

Intelligent Distribution of Traffic to various Dedicated Servers

With our Dedicated Load Balancers that are fully managed, we empower your website to handle heavy traffic from viral campaigns, social networking trends and even from popular media events. With dedicated Load Balancers your website experience optimal performance that is achieved by efficient traffic distribution to multiple servers and result in fault tolerant and reliable infrastructure.

Options Available for Load Balancing

Historical Intelligence — With the help of historical data the load balancers predict the most suitable node on which requests should be assigned

Least Connection — Load balancers assess nodes with fewer connections and assign the requests to respective nodes

Round Robin — Load balancers allocate requests to every node turn wise

Enhancing Scalability with Load Balancers

 With Load Balancers you can improve reliability and speed of your business website and web application to great deal. Through this method the traffic of your website is deviated automatically to another node in case of failure of one node or traffic overloading without any disturbance in service. One more advantage of load balancers are that one can add or remove nodes from the pool of load balancers without any hassle which result in convenient maintenance of server without any interruption in services. Thus, in case of increase in traffic on your website or web application, the load balancer pool can be integrated with an additional server quickly.

Technical Details

Being user of dedicated server you can balance load of traffic by deploying single or multiple virtual IP addresses that can be assigned with the help of dedicated servers present in unlimited number. Whether it is FTP server, DNS, customer ports or web services either it is HTTP/HTTPs, configuration of all can be possible. With the help of load balancer one can also be permitted for option of SSL Termination or Session Persistence.