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Save the Day with Backups and Recovery

Backups are not only just a good idea but they are an imperative business requirement. Sudden data loss and errors like downtime affecting organizations adversely each day – according to an estimate the loss is around more than $ 1.7 billion a year in total. The only way to ensure that safety of your business is with broad spectrum backup solution on which you can trust in case of disaster. Our dedicated team of security experts offer several backup strategies integrated with multiple layers of protection along with recovery options with proper scheduling on regular interval.

Backups with Cloud Servers

At Digit Hosting our cloud servers offer the power of dedicated server with cloud flexibility – and integrated with a number of basic functions and backup for enterprise level. These backup solutions work with all our product at different platform.

  • On Demand Backups
  • Backups at account level
  • Restoration for whole server
  • Schedule your own backup
  • Backups with Full Server
  • Full Server Image restoration with Bare-Metal
  • Standalone physical Storage
  • Daily Backups scheduled automatically

Backups with Dedicated Server

A strong backup solution is mandatory for all our powerful servers and local back up drive is integrated with all hosting plans .However, our fully managed solution for backup and recovery is Guardian backup and recovery solution which is more robust and include so much more. Our Guardian backup and recovery solution can capture the configuration of the entire system continuously, depending on the configuration of server and it’s setting for offsite facility that is for disaster recovery. The Guardian uses synchronization, replication and snapshots that are point-in -time to provide full protection of the server environment, so our support and surveillance team can regain the exact configuration of the server in case of a some calamity.

  • Bare-Metal Restoration
  • Dedicated Backup Drive
  • Plugin of MySQL Database
  • Incremental Backups
  • Real-Time Backups
  • Plugin for cPanel Administration
  • Availability of Disk Safe Data Encryption

How your Guardian Backups can be utilized best?

Guardian agent is scheduled to keep track of the disc alterations and performs incremental backups for system wide backup images that are point-in-time and consistent. This method require limited resources as compare to the conventional file-by-file options, and while the server is online without interrupting operations at the lowest possible level (the industry standard). As the Guardian uses backups based on sectors it ensure increase in efficiency and reduce overheads which result in fully operational server with minimum performance problems. With our secure disk function which is optional, we can store your backups securely through encryption on backup nodes in an off-site facility, If necessary, server restoration is fast and easy with our bare metal recovery. Clients running Linux can handle their backups conveniently through our cPanel Guardian Plugin, available within the interface of cPanel.