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This is one common practice that for joining web hosting affiliation programs online the first thing you need to do is to generate accounts for companies and after that you can reap and fees from the providers. However, Digits Hosting affiliate program you can earn same good commission, no matter how many new accounts are referred by you. Our affiliate program is not only simple but we also pay our affiliates, based on the type of the referred account.

Our affiliates are our partners and can choose between our Commission Junction affiliate program and our program for in-house affiliates in which payment method is based on web hosting credits.

Affiliates may choose to use our Commission Junction affiliate program or our in-house program, which offers web hosting credits as a payment method.

Commission details for dedicated server

“Monthly Recurring Cost” or MRC of the referred customer of dedicated server determines the one-time commission of the affiliate. To understand this more clearly here is an example: if a client is referred by you whose monthly bill is $500 then for referring a new customer you will get commission of $500 as well along with the monthly commission which is 5% of the bill of referred customer which will be $25 in this case.

A year later, this one reference can earn $ 775 for you and you will continue to get recurring commission on monthly basis as long as your account will operate with us. With the more accounts referred, your commission will continue to grow rapidly.

How commission can be generated

An affiliate link is given to you as soon as your account will be registered with us. This link can be added to your site (we suggest using the text as a “Web Hosting Powered by Digits Hosting”), and when the link will be clicked by a visitor and complete the sale, your commission will be credited. You can keep track of your commission and sales through given account.

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